Today’s Prayer (11/06/2019)

Lord, I am amazed at your mighty power and all you can do for our lives. Surely, we are weak, but are made strong in Your hands. Though the battle is raging, You are our defender and gives us courage to fight the enemy. You are there to give us counsel and show us exactly what to do. Thank You Lord. I love it when You show me things. Your counsel and even visions are the greatest help I could ever need. Thank You for never letting me down and for continually filling me with the Spirit and your love. I love You so much God. I am so joyful, because You are near. Thank You for defending me and for being my shield. You have never let me know down, and I trust that You never will. What a great God I serve. Hallelujah, for You are alive and working in my life and others in the faith. You reign supreme and I am Your witness for all the world to know of your truth and might. May people from all the world be filled with the Holy Spirit, that they know what is true wisdom and counsel. Then will they know what to do and believe in, in this life, and also know the right path to follow. Thank You for guiding my life, and putting me on Your path of righteousness. I didn’t deserve Your compassion and mercy, but still You came to my rescue and have been my helpmate. Since the day that I gave You my whole heart, I have been washed by Your mercy. Lord, thank You so much. Please continue to be with me. I need You to light up my life, that I may not fall victim to sin and temptation. I trust in You to build me up with Your armor. Then, can I go to battle and come out of victorious. I can do all things, because Your Spirit dwells inside of me. Thank You Jesus. I love You. Your ways are holy and I honor You. All the praise and glory to Your Name. Amen.

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