Today’s Prayer (10/23/2019)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will make an effort to live out their life in faith for You, and not just say they have faith when approached by somebody. It is fine if these questions wake them up to follow You, but I wish that people would desire themselves to have the kind of faith that produces works. Then, can the Holy Spirit come inside of them and lead them to do what is right in this darken world. Otherwise, we are only producing works of wickedness and not righteousness, which I pray that I may do, every day of my life. Yes Lord, as much as I wish to always be seeking You and producing fruits that are meet for repentance and obey Your commandments, I wish that many more people would be saved also. It is not my desire to lead myself to salvation alone, but to lead many more souls unto You, God. People are precious in Your sight, and I wish to give enlightenment to as many people as I can, that they may come to know You personally. Help me draw people unto You for salvation . And put inside people’s hearts a desire to live out their entire life for Your cause. Truly, Satan wants to take us down and put us under his control, while making us think that we have time to live out our fleshly desires and just come back to You later. This is such a lie, for millions of people have died in this fashion, while forgoing their chance to repent and be saved. So it is my desire, Lord, that people would wake up to their sins today, and turn to You for help. Only You can set a person free from our bad habits, addictions and any other type of sin and shame. You are our deliverer and I trust in You, Jesus. May I always give You the praise and honor that You deserve. I love You more than life itself. For this reason do I love and obey You. I am Yours and You are mine. Amen.

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