Today’s Prayer (08/27/2019)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will desire to be used by You and seek You out with their whole hearts. Help them to have a greater attention span to Your words of wisdom. No matter the length of the message, may the Spirit lead them to finish reading Your words, that they may grow in the faith. I see to many people on social media passing by the real meat of your messages for something simple to read, and this is very sad. These same people are missing out, Lord, on what You have put in our hearts to share with people. For every Christian that has real faith in You, it is impossible to summarize a real God given message to somebody in a few sentences. It is because the Spirit is leading us to write, as long as it takes to get the premise out there, we will write more. I don’t want anything to be missing, especially if You are telling me to go onward in my writing. I also wish that You would supply those people that will read the devotions that are written. It is one thing to write what You have put in my heart, but another to see someone read the message and be blessed by it. This is truly hard to come by in our day, Lord. To many people have narrowed their focus on what is short and sweet, instead of what is longer and manifested in You. Because their hearts are set on being gratified by what they see instantly, they miss out on the best stuff that You have to offer them. This includes all of Your words in the Bible. A few verses here and there is nothing like doing a real study on different chapters at hand. It is this reason that I love to write on the Bible. Your words are a lamp unto my feet and I pray that it will also become this way to others in the faith also. Your ways are too good to be kept to myself. I love You Lord. You are the light that guides me. Amen.

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