Today’s Prayer (08/25/2019)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will remember You every day of their lives. May they no longer worship You one day a week, but each day live for You. I’ve seen enough people go to church, but during the week be someone entirely different. This is when I know that their time for You is dwindling. They may worship You and read Your Words in church, but outside of those walls, they are different. Because the Holy Spirit is not a part of their lives, they do what they will, instead of follow You. Oh, how I wish that people would see the danger they are in, while living this way in sin. They are trampling under their feet Your commands, while giving into the lusts of their flesh. This is only pulling them further away from You. Their desires for evil deeds is what is killing a real relationship with You in prayer. I know from experience how bad this really is and only wish the best for these people, by calling them to repentance. Lord, wake them up to their sins, that they may confess them openly to You. Humble them, that they may realize how far gone they really are without You, their Savior. Surely, our souls are at stake ,if we are not seeking You daily in prayer and reading the Bible. We have no compass to direct our paths when You are not leading us. And because sin has taken over our lives, the Spirit cannot dwell with us. For this reason Lord, convict us when we are wrong. I also pray that people will listen to You, as I have. There is so much joy and peace that comes from doing as You command. It is so good to go into church after having sought You throughout the week. Our time in fellowship with others, worshipping, and learning is that much better also. This is I pray that more people will know this also and live as You would lead them. I love You Lord. Amen.

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