Today’s Prayer (07/05/2019)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will begin to look outside themselves and how they can do good towards one another. I know that our love towards You is the first part of our faith and the second being is our love towards our fellow man. If this is not being met, then our relationship with You is more asleep than anything else. So I ask that You spark a need in each of our lives to love one another, as much as we love You. May our desires to worship You and do Your will be noticed in every person that we are around. Help us to never take an opportunity to show kindness for granted and skip out on these moments because of our fears. It is in these times that people need our help, even though it may be hard to see in the beginning. It is Your convictions, my Lord, that has led me to feed the homeless. And because of this, I can no longer pass them by, but stop and care for their needs. As much I want to eat and am hungry, I know that these wonderful people have the same needs that I have. So, in these moments I simply put my trust in You, God, that the money I put forth in these efforts is not mine, but Yours. It is an offering to You, Lord, as my desires are to give You my whole heart, while in this life and the next. Whatever You have for my life, I will do. No matter the circumstances will I help a person in need. Even if it leads me to be in some trouble, I trust that You have the power to get me out of it. If anyone is in harm’s way, I trust that being there for their needs is better than leaving them behind. I love You Lord and to love people around me helps me love You more and more. May this love continue to shine forth in everybody I touch, while in this life. I say these things Lord, in thy holy Name, Jesus. Amen.
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