Today’s Prayer (05/06/2019)

Oh Lord, I pray that as believers, we will also desire to be Your disciples and to be used for Your kingdom. I pray that more people that proclaim to know You will also be given boldness to share their love for You to the world. I know that this takes courage, but I also know that we are stronger with You in our lives. Once we let You, Jesus, take the wheel, then we can do all things by Your hand, even to the point of being Your witness. I know this Lord for a fact since You have taken a person like me, who was timid and nor social to be Your messenger to the world. In all my fear and slow speech, You have raised up a man that is not afraid of what people have to say. You have taken all that timidness from my soul and replaced in me courage and confidence in what I know is right. Even my slow and stuttery speech has been changed. For when I open my mouth, Lord, Your words of wisdom flow through me, even to the point of convicting every person that listens to repentance. This I know is because of Your power in my life. I may not have thought I could be a witness for You, but my trust in You, God, has changed everything. Now, I go out into the world with much confidence in You, my God. It is my prayer that many more people will join me in Your harvest, each week. Just as You raised up disciples in Your time on earth, Jesus, I pray that many more souls will wake up to Your Spiritual gifts in their lives. Then, will the harvest have people that willing to till it and bring souls unto You. I love You and trust in You, God. Amen.

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