Today’s Prayer (12/28/2018)

Lord, I pray that we will all be more mindful to Your commands and read the Bible more often, that You may teach us and lead us in Your ways. So many people are walking blind because they have chosen not to seek You. This saddens me to the very core for I know that these people are living in darkness and will not be ready come judgement day. There will be a reckoning for their souls, because of their evil deeds and what they sought after in the world, outside Your will. I also know that many so-called Christians fall into this category. For many people are Sunday Christians and their lives are not truly for You. This breaks my heart and helps me understand the need for evangelism. As there are few that are saved, I ask, Lord, that You lead me to those people that are waiting. Lead me to the people that just need a friendly wake up call. Help me remind that Your Words are for our day and that You are there and want to help us. I pray that people will turn their hearts to You and seek You for wisdom and knowledge through the Bible and prayer. I know that their eyes will be opened to the truth, if they are open and humble. Thank You for leading me. I love Your words. They have changed my life and I pray that many other people will find the same joy that I have discovered. I love You Lord. Amen.
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