Today’s Prayer (12/18/2018)

Lord God, I am so grateful to have You in my life. I know that for many years that I chose to live apart from You and am sorry. I regret those days and am so grateful for Your mercy. Thank You for taking a wretched person, such as I, back into Your fold. I am amazed at Your great love and compassion for my life. I do not deserve the things You’ve done for me and still do for me. Surely, You could have given up on me a long time ago but instead You were patient and waited till the right time to move into my life. I may have wasted many years to serve You but the time I have with You now, I cherish. Thank You for coming into my life and delivering unto me the Spirit of God. You have filled me with a wild fire and now I want everyone to hear my story amd come to know You, Jesus. I pray that others do know that there is still hope for them. May they come to know that You are reaching out for them as You’ve reached for me, all these years. Just like I was, many people are stubborn but I still have hope in them. I know that their will come a time when many people will reach out to You, Lord. I just pray that they don’t lose that hope but continue in the faith. Our faith In You saves us. May I never lose that hope and trust in You, God. I love You. Amen.

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