Today’s Prayer (10/16/2018)

Lord God, help those that are struggling in life, find peace. Give them rest, that they may come to an understanding of their lives. I know that there are so many people living for this world and it is only Your love that will awaken them to their sins. This knowledge can be passed on to them through people but Your Spirit is what convicts them of their wrongs. What is tarnished will be brought to light, that these people may come out of darkness and into Your light. May these people be humble enough to hear You out and act upon their convictions. I pray that a revival happens in their hearts that they may finally turn from what is wicked and seek what is righteous. So come and cut lose all the shame and guilt from their hearts and resurrect their souls today. Lead the lost to Your love. Help them experience the joy that comes from You. Our time is short and for that I pray that people will turn to You, God, before their time is over. May there be no regrets but thanks to God for Your forgiveness and grace. Thank You Lord for saving me. Your blood has set me free. I love You. In the holy Name, Jesus. Amen.
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