Today’s Prayer (09/16/2018)

Lord God, we come before You now in praise and rejoicing. We know that this life is much better off with You in our lives. There is comfort in the storms of life. There is peace when hard times come our way. There is mercy when we repent and choose to change our ways. We have direction in this life, that we may stay the course and not be led astray. Even when temptation comes, we are overcomers, that we may not fall. You keep us going strong. Our faith is revitalized each day in prayer. Our understanding of what is right and what is wrong is made known through the words of the Bible. Yes, Your Words are a lamp unto our feet. There is nothing like Your knowledge and understanding. When Your presence is near, my eyes are opened that I might learn. Even this life make sense when You have a hand in it. We understand where we are now and where You want to take us. So call us now, for we are all in. Lead us by the hand and show the way. Teach us Your commands. Help us become a faithful follower of You, till the end of our lives. Even till the end, when we have ran our course, may Your Name be on our lips. That we may one day see You in Your matchless glory. It will be wonderful to, one day, come unto You and embrace You, God. You are my King and I will forever praise Your Holy Name. I love You. Amen.

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