Today’s Prayer (08/09/2018)

Daily Prayer:
Oh Lord, convict us of our faults. Bring to light every sin that quenches the Spirit. Break us free from every addiction. Help us let go of all the bondage in our lives. May every lustful thought be removed from our minds. Cleanse our hearts and free us from our guilt. Forgive us Lord. We believe in You and are sorry. Have mercy upon our souls. We need You in our lives to overcome temptation. We are weak without You. You make us strong to resist the evils of this world. Give us clean hands and a pure heart. Empower us to walk in the Spirit and no longer after our own lusts. May we live a life pleasing in Your sight. This is our hearts desire Lord. We come humbly before Your throne, this day, to be sanctified. To be made clean. We want to be on Your path and to do Your will. Speak to us Lord. Lead us safely on this new journey of faith. Supply our needs as we put our trust fully in You, dear Lord. You are our good Shepherd. Take us into Your fold and lead to truth everlasting. We love You. Amen.
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