Today’s Prayer (06/20/2018)

Daily Prayer:
Oh Lord, please open our hearts to the truth. I know that what You put in our hearts and our minds is all the knowledge and understanding that we need. This wisdom is power. Give us Your wise counsel and lead us by the hand. If anyone is being led now by their own desires or by false teachers, wake them up from their slumber. Revive them this day. May they start to realize the trouble and the foolishness they have gotten themselves in. I know Lord that it is foolish to deny Your counsel. We are apt to stumble and fall under the wrong judgements when Your wisdom is not sought. When You are not there in our lives we are led astray on a road to destruction. I ask Lord that You break the bonds of captivity in our lives. May we break free, this day. Lower our pride and humble us. Send the Holy Spirit down and into our lives, that we may know who is out to teach the truth and who is out to deceive. We want to be led by You dear Lord and not by men that profess to follow You. I know that there are many false teachers and false churches among us. Help people find a church that teaches from the Bible alone. Yes, Lord, Your Words from the Bible are true and faithful and we ought not to add to or take away from Your teachings. Thank You for giving me this wisdom and counsel. I love You. Amen.
June 20, 2018
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