Today’s Prayer (06/02/2018)

Daily Prayer:
Oh Lord God the Father, You are greatly to be praised. Thank You for sending Your son to die on the cross. What great love was shown to forsake Your only begotten Son, that we might live again. You are oh so loving and kind. Thank You for caring so deeply for our souls. And Lord Jesus, my heart cries out in anthems of praise to Your great Name also. Because of the cross, my sins are forgiven. I have hope because of Your sacrifice for sins. You have given meaning to a life that had none. Our old lives were sick and You have resurrected us all into newness of life, with Your resurrection. Where there was no love to be found, You showed us love. Thank You for sending the Holy Spirit to lead and guide my life. There is direction because the Spirit speaks to my soul and shows me the way. Thank You God, Lord and Spirit for saving me. Praises to Your Names, the one true God forever. Three in one do I lift up and rejoice. To the Holy Trinity do I give all the honor and praise. I love You. Amen.
June 2, 2018
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