Today’s Prayer (01/30/2018)

Daily Prayer:
Lord, I am grateful for Your presence in my life. Thank You for caring so deeply for my soul. I was a wanderer most of my life but You never gave up on me. I know that Your wrath is real. I felt it in my abundant sin. But through all that, I knew that You still loved me. You didn’t want me to suffer. All I needed to do was call upon Your name in prayer and You would deliver me. And Lord, You did just that. You came to my rescue. Now I am grateful for every moment to have You in my life. Even the hard times I face now, are light because You are with me. You bring me peace when there is no peace to be found. Your love fills me with happiness and joy. Hard times are bearable for You lift me up. Thank You Lord for hearing my prayers. Thank You for Your mercy. I am honored to follow You. You are my Savior. I love You. Amen.
January 30, 2018
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