God Fights Our Battles

It was after the Lord rescued His children from starvation and dehydration, that a battle began among the camp of the children of Israel.

Give Your Burdens To God In Prayer

God helps His children in Israel and also His adopted children, through faith in Jesus Christ. We are all gathered into His fold and He is our Shepherd.

Be Strong In The Lord

Now, “be strong and of a good courage, fear not, nor be afraid of them: for the Lord thy God, he it is that doth go with thee; he will not fail thee, nor forsake thee.” (Deuteronomy 31:6)

Lift Up The Lord

The children of Israel knew that the enemy wanted to take them down and destroy them, but their faith stood strong in the heat of the battle.

The Lord God, Our Savior

God is good and all powerful. Not only did He do a work for those in the Bible, but He is doing a work now, in every person’s life that believes in Jesus Christ for salvation.

Direction From God

When the children of Israel were led safely out of Egypt, they were given strict commands from God, in order to stand apart from the wicked and be on His side.

Sexual Sin Is Sending People To Hell

Earlier I described the different parts of sexual sin. However, this does not exclude people that participate in or go to sex clubs or bars that promote forms of sexual sin.

Deliverance From The Enemy

The day that the Lord God came in and sent His last plague upon the Egyptian people, the people of Israel were able to experience true freedom.

Heed The Warnings From God

Along with the story of the Pharaoh in the Bible, there are many other warnings from God now that speak to our lives.

The Evil One Cannot Counteract God’s Plans

In the story of Moses, the magicians tried to mimic all of God’s plagues upon the Egyptian people, however, it came to a point where they knew that it was God’s hand working these plagues.

God Gives Us Words To Speak

God reassured Moses, as He continues to do so for me, that as we go forth in faith, miracles will take place through His hands.

The Severity Of Willfully Sinning

Right now you may be thinking, how is it that I can get over my addictions? You may even say, I have already tried everything I can think of to stop and nothing works.

Take Your Questions To The Lord

Sometimes things don’t make sense in life. We can go through hard times and not understand why. We can also see other people suffer and wonder why.

Being Used As God’s Instrument

You may ask why God responded to the needs of his people. Well, it wasn’t just because they were afflicted, but because they called upon Him in prayer for help.

Heartfelt Prayers To God

I pray that you will understand the need of getting yourselves right with God and eventually put the Lord Jesus at the head of your lives.

Help Stop The Slaughter In Abortion

Through abortion, the unborn baby has no rights and women can do whatever they want to them. As long as the baby is not yet born, then killing is allowed.