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Category: Devotionals (05-2016)

Free From Sin In Jesus

Once I gave my life over to the Lord, I was changed. I was born again in His Spirit. Jesus saved me from death. I was no longer dead to life but alive in Jesus. Continue Reading

A Wicked Generation

If you are caught up in the things of the world, repent. Let go of your lusts and come to the Lord. Let Him cast off your chains of addiction. Continue Reading

Walk With God

Oh Lord, you are everything to me. You light up my life. You bring me joy. Your Word feeds my soul. I am alive in your love. Continue Reading

Flee From Pornography

With the Lord’s help we can do anything. Even a life of sin can be turned upside down. I felt the Lord’s forgiveness in my life and anyone else with this addiction can too. Continue Reading

Thanks To All Women

The Lord surely gave woman the ability to calm their children. Everything you do is so amazing. You are changing the world because of your love. Continue Reading

Live For Jesus

If you are sincere in your actions, the Lord will free you from slavery. The more you seek Him the more you will dislike sin and love God. Continue Reading

Examine Your Life

I gave Jesus my heart and He changed it from within. He took away all my guilt and filled it with love. Jesus saved my soul from Hell. Continue Reading