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Prayer For Forgiveness

…wants to see. He desires a heartfelt pouring out of the soul for forgiveness and mercy. He is looking for something genuine in the hearts of people. While David was… Continue Reading

Prayers: August 2017

…unable to live a life worthy for You, until I gave You my trust. Then You did the rest. Lord, because of Your forgiveness and mercy, I am restored. I… Continue Reading

Honesty And Love

…other people think. Even when people are hurtful, You help me show love to them. There are no more walls but forgiveness. As You have shown me mercy and forgivenessContinue Reading

Prayers: November 2017

…time, Your birth was prophesied of. People looked to a Savior that could free them from their sins. Oh how they longed for mercy and forgiveness and You came and… Continue Reading

Prayers: February 2016

…seek your mercy. As I turn away from sin, I will seek your forgiveness. I am sorry for my failures this day. Have compassion upon me. Take my hands and… Continue Reading


…in this addiction. Don’t be deceived! 4If you are deliberately walking in sin after receiving Jesus in your heart then God’s forgiveness is not for you. 6Without forgiveness of sins… Continue Reading

Confession Is Necessary

Come to Jesus. Forsake your sins this day. Confess them before God and others you’ve hurt. Tell them you are sorry. Your confession is necessary for God’s forgiveness and for… Continue Reading

Prayers: November 2016

…to You in repentance and seek Your forgiveness. You are the one that gives life. All my trust is in You. I love You Lord. Paul Gee / November 26,… Continue Reading