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Prayer For Forgiveness

…wants to see. He desires a heartfelt pouring out of the soul for forgiveness and mercy. He is looking for something genuine in the hearts of people. While David was… Continue Reading


…grateful for Your mercy. Thank You for Your forgiveness. I now know that everyone needs forgiveness, not only from You but by me. This I know because You have spoken… Continue Reading

Prayers: August 2017

…unable to live a life worthy for You, until I gave You my trust. Then You did the rest. Lord, because of Your forgiveness and mercy, I am restored. I… Continue Reading


…Food Foolish Foreign Forever Forgive Forgiven Forgiveness Fornicate Fornication Forsake Fortress Free Freed Friend Friends Fruit Fruitful Fruits Frustrate Fulfill Fulness Future Select Topic Gabriel Galatians Game Games Gaming Gap… Continue Reading

Honesty And Love

…other people think. Even when people are hurtful, You help me show love to them. There are no more walls but forgiveness. As You have shown me mercy and forgivenessContinue Reading

Prayers: November 2017

…time, Your birth was prophesied of. People looked to a Savior that could free them from their sins. Oh how they longed for mercy and forgiveness and You came and… Continue Reading

Prayers: February 2016

…seek your mercy. As I turn away from sin, I will seek your forgiveness. I am sorry for my failures this day. Have compassion upon me. Take my hands and… Continue Reading

Oh Lord, I pray that people's hearts will be softened and that they will see a need to truly love their neighbor as themselves and drop every grudge and wall in their lives. I know that this is holding them back from Your forgiveness and mercy. May they not lose out on following You to salvation. So many people have already made up their minds on who they will forgive and who they will not. They have the unforgiven in the back of their minds and their walls are up high. This wall, unfortunately, is blocking themselves from You, Lord. I know this, since I did this same thing for my step dad for many years. I always wondered if I was truly forgiven and then it occurred to me that I had never forgiven my step dad for beating me when I was a kid. These thoughts never left my mind and there was always so much hate and bitterness in my heart for that man. However, their came a day when I saw him in church. And I don’t know exactly what came over me but forgiveness rushed through me and I ran to him, in order to give him a hug. Tears flowed down my face and the words came out, I forgive you. I love you. It was then, Lord that Your love took over in my life. I was set free from all the grudges and walls that I had put up. All the bitterness was swept away and Your love entered into my life like a wild fire. Thank You Lord. I am so grateful for Your mercy. Thank You for Your forgiveness. I now know that everyone needs forgiveness, not only from You but by me. This I know because You have spoken it. I love You Lord, even enough to forgive myself and others. Amen.
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A Witness For Christ

…and from the power of Satan unto God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins, and inheritance among them which are sanctified by faith that is in me.” This I… Continue Reading