Today’s Prayer (03/20/2023)

prayOh Lord, I pray for the sake of the people trapped in Mormonism. I say trapped, for many of them feel like they have no escape, lest they lose their father, mother, children, spouse, friends, and even their job. These thoughts come over thousands of Mormons on a year-to-year basis, but still, do they brush these thoughts under the rug and keep their way of life going lest anyone find out and things go south. God, these are the people I hope to find while on my mission trip to Utah in a few weeks. I pray that although they don’t wish to go to their general conference that they do just so Patrick and I can witness to them Your truths from the Bible. They are already checked out but need some motivation to resign. That is where we come into place as Your servants in the harvest. Lead these lost people to us, that we might bring good tidings of You, Jesus. How salvation doesn’t have to be complicated. All the works that their church pushes for exaltation in the highest degree of glory are all lies and filthy rags at that. If only they knew that by grace alone, faith alone, are we saved, they would stop trying to save themselves and allow You to do the saving. I love You, Jesus. I trust in You, God. Amen.r
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