Today’s Prayer (01/04/2023)

Oh Lord, help Mormons learn to trust the Bible more and more each day, and to distrust their fictional Book of Mormon at the same time. If only they would read the Bible daily and stop reading their Book of Mormon. Lord, I am praying that Mormons will do this and come to You, Jesus, and not go down the road of atheism. They believe that the more they bear their testimony about their church being true, the more they will believe it. This is the spirit of the devil causing them to be firm in their false beliefs, instead of being open to Your truth. Lord, I love these people, but to get through to them is so difficult. Thankfully, we have the freedom to post about their cult online in the form of social media, including YouTube, and websites. I may not be able to reach many Mormons in person, but online is where amazing things are happening. Thank You, Lord, for the hundreds of people that have already resigned through my “Christianity Vs Mormonism” website. I give You the glory and praise. I love You, Jesus. Amen.

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