Today’s Prayer (11/02/2022)

Oh Lord, I am grateful for Your mercy. Without You in my life, I am so broken and lost. My heart is made dark and the Holy Spirit is grieved. However, I know that You will never forsake me, although I can forsake You. So I plead to You in all my confessions, the moment I know that I am in sin, to forgive me a sinner and renew in me a right Spirit. Lord, do not cast me off from Your presence when I fall. I am sorry for not listening to You while doing my own things. You are my King and I ought to honor You more than I do now. But I am not empty and left desolate in these troubled times. Just like the prodigal son, I run back to You if ever I have sinned against You. May the Holy Spirit always be with me, God. See my heart and that it is sincere. Therefore, restore unto me the joy of thy salvation. I love You, Jesus. Without You, I am nothing. I could gain the abundance riches of this world, but all that means nothing if You are not leading me. I will follow You, Jesus. Amen.
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