Today’s Prayer (08/20/2022)

Oh Lord, I love Your ways and despise what is evil. This is all because You have taken away my heart of stone and replaced it with a heart that burns for You. There is nothing else I’d rather do than serve You and bring people to You for salvation. Even the Mormons, who see themselves as very religious people, are so far from You and have a great need to be saved. They may not think this, as they feel just fine in their current belief system and lifestyle. It is comfortable for them and to make a disruption with their family and friends would cause contention, which they avoid at all costs. Therefore, I am amazed at all the people who leave Mormonism for Your sake. They are making a huge leap of faith, even though life may not be as easy from there on out. The same thing happened to me when I found out that the LDS church was false back in 2012. In the walk-in closet of my house, it came to me like a bolt of lightning that I was in a cult. I could not deny it any longer and had to leave it immediately. Thankfully, You put in my flesh a heart that longs to do Your will, so this choice to follow You came quickly. To live for You is gain, but to live apart from You is misery. Dissension did arise with my family and friends. People were disappointed in my decision, but I know it was for You. I love You, more than anything, God. Amen.
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