Today’s Prayer (07/23/2022)

Oh Lord, help us live for You and not the world. You are our rock and our firm foundation. Only You can keep us from falling into sin. There is so much willful sin practiced in this wicked world and I am afraid that most people are going to hell and not heaven. How is it that people have forgotten You, God, and have gone after other things that will not save them? This life is short and to waste our time watching TV, going to movies, watching sporting events, and playing video games is telling You that You don’t matter. I often wonder where You exist in their lives if anything. Are these people still calling upon Your Name in their confessions and prayers? Are they opening the Bible and reading it daily? Or have these things ceased in their lives? How is it that many people were once excited to live for You and are now excited to live for other things? It is my prayer that people will repent before their time is done. That they will engage with You in their confessions, prayers, and Bible study. Only then can You conform them into Your likeness, as You have done for me and others. As Christians, we are like Christ-like people. We are made differently than the world. You did this, God. Thank You. I love You, Lord. Amen.
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