Today’s Prayer (06/21/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that one day the Jewish people at large will come to a realization that You did come in order to save us, Jesus. That You are the Messiah, who is Christ, the Lord, Jesus. I often wonder why the Gentiles are the ones who know that you came into this world, where Jews do not. Sure, there are Messianic Jews now, which I think is fantastic, but how come Your own people in Israel still deny that You came to save us? It seems that the sides have been flipped and people who know You now Jesus are Your lost sheep, which are the gentiles. Therefore, I pray that You will awaken the Jewish people at large from their slumber. Something has happened to cause their hearts to be hardened over these years. It is interesting to know how devout they are to the old covenant laws, even until today, but they are so missing out on what You called us into for the new covenant. Just like in old times they are looking forward to the temple being rebuilt in Jerusalem when if they read the New Testament, they would know that You no longer dwell in temples made with hands. How that we are Your temple now. No building can encompass Your presence anymore. Thank You for abiding in us now. I love Your presence and what You do for my life. I love You, Jesus. I give You praise. Amen.
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