Today’s Prayer (06/15/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that people of different cults will wake up to their false beliefs. These false church leaders are wolves in sheep’s clothing and need to repent for leading people astray. It is very sad to see people be duped by their false teachings. But I know how convincing the spirit o the devil really is. Truly, Satan is the father of all lies. He has the power to deceive the very elect from knowing You and Your trust gospel message and teachings. Lord, I love Your truth, not the truth that I think is true, but what You have revealed to me through the Bible and through prayer. One thing I know is that not every person has all the right answers, for this reason, we must check our beliefs with Your Words, then can You lead us out of every false way and into the knowledge of the truth. Thank You for taking me out of the darkness of Mormonism and into Your light. I was lost in my own pride, willful sins, and unbelief until You found me and had compassion for my soul. Truly, I did not know that You were such a merciful God until Your peace came over me and I was forgiven. It is my prayer that more people experience Your matchless presence in their lives also. I love You, Jesus. I give You glory. Amen.
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