Today’s Prayer (05/13/2022)

Lord, thank You for giving me clear guidance and direction when it comes to seeing what is true and what is false. For many years of my life, I thought I knew the truth about You and how to go to heaven, but it was all nonsense. Everything I had ever learned about working my way to heaven was all a lie. And I give You thanks for helping me know this for a fact. You have helped me understand that the Bible is the Word of God and no other book. People can slap the name Jesus on their book, church, or a name tag, but it doesn’t mean it is for You in any way. Lord, I see the time we are living in as very dark. Not only are there many corrupt churches like in Mormonism, but other churches who are also for homosexuality. As Mormons are led astray by their false prophets, we have other church leaders who are also leading their congregation astray by denying what the Bible says about sin. Lord, help us to know Your will and to also deny everything we have ever learned if necessary. It is worth it. I love You, God. Amen.
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