Today’s Prayer (05/11/2022)

Oh Lord, help us draw near unto You and escape the teachings of man. So many people give in to every wind of doctrine and call it Yours, so I pray that You will open their eyes to what is false. Help people understand that cults only lead to hell and destruction in the next life. Only through following You can we be safe from the temptations of the devil. He surely makes things appear good on the outside, whereas on the inside it is so dark. This is what I’ve seen in the Mormon church. Their missionaries go out and share what they think is good news, but when checked with the Bible, it is a false gospel. Lord, I love to witness to them. They are so young but so caught up in their pride. So often do they think that they have all the right answers at a young age of around twenty years old. This is very sad to see that they have been brainwashed and cannot even see it. They are blinded by their false prophets, and so-called modern-day revelations, that they cannot see clearly. Open their eyes. I trust in You. You can do all things. Lead more people out of this cult and to You alone for salvation. I love You, God. Amen.
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