Today’s Prayer (04/07/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will confess their sins and get right with You. Too many people justify their sinful actions even to the point of no longer caring if they sin or not. What they are doing is now considered good in their own carnal minds which is so terrible. It is sad to see people on the streets and other places that I know are on the broad way which leads to destruction. What is really sad, Lord, are the people who portray themselves to be Christians, but inwardly they live in willful sin that is leading them to hell also. I wish that these people and others would wake up to their sinful state before it is too late. I don’t wish to have anyone hear You say You never knew them and depart from me. I know that I was in this camp for many years of my life. Sin was abounding in my life until You woke me up to what I was doing wrong. Each wicked thing I did was very sinful and sorrow filled my soul. Lord, I am grateful for the day that You brought to light what I was doing wrong. Only You could cast out all that darkness. I live for You now. Thank You for forgiving me. I love You, Lord. I praise You. Amen.
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