Today’s Prayer (01/26/2022)

My Father, who art in heaven, I come to You in praise and honor. Thank You for calling me out from the darkness and into Your marvelous light. I would not be secure in the faith if Your ever-presence was not in my life. Truly, as You dwell in the Son, I have You and the Jesus in my life through the Holy Spirit. This is the protection I need to not give in to temptation and the evil forces of this world. Many people want to take me down because of my stance with You, God. I am firm in my beliefs that stem from the Bible, and I know that this will come with much resistance and persecution. I’ve already had a person recently look me up and find my address, in order to come over and beat me up. Sure, I was afraid for a while because of this threat, but it soon subsided. I don’t fear people who wish to harm the body, for doing that will only speed up my chances to be with You sooner than not. All I wish for, Lord, is to be with You in heaven. Death comes to all people, but it is a blessing to be saved and go to heaven, instead of hell. Surely, You could have sent me to hell, but instead, You rescued me, while breathing new life into my soul because of mercy. Thank You, Lord. I love You, God. Amen.
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