Today’s Prayer (01/19/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will begin to get right with You today. I know that for this to happen a great awakening needs to take place first. I am speaking of bringing to light the sin in people’s lives that they have made out to be good. What is very evil is that oral traditions, false beliefs, and false worship from the past have crept into churches in our time. I am speaking of the belief in a queen of heaven and/or a heavenly mother. Lord, I have tried to talk sense into people who believe this way, but their hearts are so hardened and will not give in to the truth. So I simply ask, what can I and other people do better in order to reach those who are lost? I don’t want people to unknowingly die and go to hell. This would be such a tragedy. It is already hard to go to funerals of family members that lived and died as Mormons. What that means is that I either failed You in reaching these people with the gospel or they themselves denied me as a witness for You. I pray that it will never be me failing You. And if I have, please forgive me. All I ask is that You do a good work in me and others in the faith also. Many of us are praying for people in our family, co-workers, and friends that are lost in a false religion. Help us know when and how to reach them for Your sake, Jesus. I believe in You, God. I love You, Lord. Amen.
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