Today’s Prayer (12/30/2021)

Oh Lord, help us learn to forgive. Many things are to hard to get over, especially when someone purposely hurts us, and so we build up walls and hold different grudges. This is very sad, but all so true. I know how easy this can happen with me and people in my family. Although I have forgiven my sister and my other family members for saying I have I have a mental disability, being around them now is still difficult. They say these things because of how bold I am in sharing Your gospel message with people. They see it as pushy and that I must have some sort of mental issue for doing it. If they just knew that I tell people about You because of my great love for You and them. You have raised me up from death to life and I am so grateful. You have blessed my life like no other and placed me in the beloved. I wish that people could see the relationship we have made together. Then, they would want to know more and stop coitizing me for being Your witness on earth. As for my life, I will never stop telling people about You, Jesus, even until my last breath. I love You more than all things. Persecution will come, and in the same way, I will forgive these people for what they are doing. I trust in You, Lord. Amen.
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1 thought on “Today’s Prayer (12/30/2021)”

  1. Have had similar concerns/issues with my own family as well and have been praying accordingly. At one point after having prayed for my kids for a while, more specifically, my youngest daughter, frequently; a graciously loving responce came to mind, “that while our Lord will not force any of us to do anything, He may, if we ask for the right reason(s), place a strong and unending desire within her to do what is right as requested. Typically the prayers made included; refer Bible (KJV), starting at Psalms 103:19-22, 115:1, then proceeding with Mathew 7:7-8, Proverbs 4:7-8, and beyond as further inspired.


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