Today’s Prayer (10/20/2021)

Oh Lord, help me to be the person You have always wanted me to be. Not the person I wish to be in life, but the person You want me to be. Remove all of my hopes and dreams if they do not line up with Your will, and the building up of Your kingdom. What I want in life, because of the flesh, is not important if I am not pleasing You in these efforts. Lord, take my unclean hands and make them clean through Your blood. The same blood that was shed for us on the cross, I ask that You, Jesus, will cleanse my body and spirit. I believe that You are the greater healer and an awesome God, so please come and heal me both physically and spiritually. You see, my nose and sinus issues have been with me for most of my marriage now. It has caused many people to shy away from me, think I am sick with the flu, and contagious. This in part has made me depressed at times, since I cannot find the care I need to heal me from these sicknesses. But Lord, I know what You can touch my head and cause all my sickness to go away in an instant. Will you do this for me now? I believe that You can do all things. Jesus. Yes, God, heal what is broken in my body and also my spirit. Though I have sinned much in this life, I no longer wish to keep doing this any longer. Forgive me. Put in me a clean heart and a new desire to only live for You. I choose the better part, which is having You in my life Lord. I love You. I trust in You, God, above all else. I praise Your holy Name, Jesus. Amen.
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