Today’s Prayer (04/24/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that we will each learn how to be charitable people for You and others. The world has a way to teach us how to be kind and loving, but not the way You are able to. When You reach into our soul, much more is able to come out of these kind and loving acts than we thought were possible. What the world leaves out is humility, that self-recognition is not sought after. You deserve the glory, not us. We lift You up, Lord. We are just grateful to be a worker in Your kingdom. We may do many marvelous things in the harvest for the welfare of other people, but if our own pride gets in the way, then what we do is in vain. That is why I cannot stress enough the fact that we need to rely on You in all things. Lord, help us to not be envious of what other people are doing also, but to stay focused on what You have done and will continue to do in our lives. May we gain self-control when certain things are thrown at us in the course of following You. There will be trials and tribulations, but if we can simply set our sights upon You at all times, things will be easier to bear. You even help us endure and keep the faith. Temptations may come, but we know that You are able to keep us from the enemy’s hands. There is nothing that Satan can throw at us that You cannot stop in his tracks. You are so good to us Lord and are the greatest teacher of all, especially when it comes to charity. Thank You for teaching me and for giving me the knowledge I need to carry on. I love You. Amen.
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