Today’s Prayer (04/16/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that we will learn to respect the opposite sex, as You respect each one of us also. So often when we are in the midst of dating we let our hormones get out of hand and we do things that we soon regret. We no longer feel the pleasure that we did in the moment, but regret for the filth that we got ourselves in. How we joined ourselves with another person sexually outside of marriage, when we knew that it was fornication and wrong in Your sight. This is like joining our flesh with a harlot and allowing ourselves to no longer be joined with You, but what they offer instead. I know that this was my life before meeting my wife. Because I was far from You, Lord, the lusts of the flesh was all I cared about. Of course, now I know how wrong I was since You are in my life now. It is amazing that You could save a wretch like me, although I should have been cast off long ago into the pits of hell. There was so much shame and guilt built up in my life, even after I got married. Thankfully, You heard my prayers and welcomed me home in Your presence. There is mercy for my lost soul and others. Praise God. Thank You, Jesus. It is my prayer that people will learn to respect one another and keep sex within marriage. But if people cannot resist, that they pray for help and the next steps towards marriage. You can lead anyone on Your righteous path, and also help them have a marriage that is full of love and respect on both sides. I believe this with all my heart. I love You. Amen.
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