Today’s Prayer (04/10/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will begin to treat You as God and not just an imaginary person. Too many people are praying a quick prayer. It doesn’t even seem like they really believe You exist most times. It appears as if people are used to praying a certain way because of how they were raised, but never truly learned how to know You, God, for themselves. So, it is my prayer that people will draw near unto You, that You may also draw near unto them. Then, can people know Your will for their lives. How their bodies are Your temple and should not be tampered with. I know that I fall all the time into sin and I feel so bad for my wrongful actions. How I caused Your temple to become dirty in that moment, of which I am so sorry. Therefore, in my sorrow do I cry out to You for forgiveness, that You may become my fortress at all times and in all places. That I may not fall in the same way again, but live a different way pleasing in Your sight. If I am Your servant, then I must also learn to live for You and not my own flesh. This I pray that all people will begin to think this way. How we cannot justify our sinful actions or false beliefs and believe we are good in this life and the next. For certainly we are not if we are not being led by Your mighty hand, but our own fleshly and sinful desires. I love You, Lord. Forgive me this day for all things I did wrong. I am sorry and pray that You will build me up with Your armor. I know that I can resist temptation when You are in my life. So I pray for Your continued guidance and direction. This I pray. In Jesus’s Name. Amen.
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