Today’s Prayer (03/12/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that we will learn to put You first in our lives. That our desires to serve You will also carry forth to the next. I often wonder why people think that their faith will save them, if they don’t also have an ongoing love and devotion towards You, God. Don’t people realize that how we end this life will be the same mind frame in the next? So if people’s hearts and minds weren’t for You, God, then they didn’t really want to go to heaven anyway. The treasures they built upon the earth were most important to them. And Lord, I am saddened by the take over of video games, TV Shows, and movies in this generation. The sales of video games and consoles have skyrocketed during the pandemic, where seeking You first has plummeted. I know that I have learned my lesson when it comes to video games and TV. I admit that the time I spent playing video games and watching shows was only a time-waster now. And not only that, but I left my first true love in those moments. Thankfully, I left doing these sinful things while I still had time. You put a burden on my heart in these moments, and thankfully I listened to Your warnings. One thing that I am so grateful about, is that seeking Your hand brings me back in right standing with You. I am not condemned but welcomed home again. You are not a condemning God when it comes to our time on earth, but loving and so patient with us. I just know that after this life is over, that my time to repent and get right with You will be over. So I will continue to seek You first and do as You say, my God. Even all my days. I love You. Amen.

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