Today’s Prayer (02/15/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will be able to see You in us. Yes, God, may our dedication to do Your will be more than what we do at church, but outside those walls also. I wish for each person to see Jesus in me, but I know that this can only happen if the Holy Spirit is abounding with me. So Lord, keep me in right standing with You at all times. Help me to not fall victim to temptation, and fight the fight with me in these battles. I am stronger with You. And as for my sins, I am sorry for going against Your will. Forgive me God. Help me to stay focused on what is most important in life and not on things that are only time wasters and do nothing good for the soul. Surely, TV is one of those things that destroys our relationship with You. It can be videos, TV shows, or movies we watch, or even video games. And if we do not get control over it, it will take control over us. I know this to be true God, and I pray that You will destroy every ambition within me to watch or play anything that goes against Your will. Destroy that part of me that wants to do things that have nothing to do with working for Your kingdom or being a good husband and parent for my children. I only desire to lead my family in the ways of the Lord and I know that this can only happen if I continue to rest in Your presence. And so I rest now and abide with You, Jesus. I love You, God. I give You praise and honor. Amen.
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