Today’s Prayer (02/06/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that You will not only continue to lead me in my devotional and evangelism ministries but also others in the faith. So many people are still going strong, but others are falling by the wayside. Even do I see churches close down because of the pandemic, which is very sad to see. Not only has this caused them to suffer financially, but many of their members have forgotten You altogether. Surely, the times we are living in right now are very difficult for many people at large. Fear is in the air right now and many people are very discouraged, which I pray that they will soon find peace. Yes, God, bring upon every person who is suffering right now Your spiritual food from above. Give them manna, which is Your body that came down from the heavens. And give unto them your cup, which is Your blood that was shed for mankind. Bring the light from the heavens back into their bodies. What people are missing is the nourishment from You, God. Too many other things have taken over their lives, that what You have once given them has long been since forgotten about. So help people understand what they are missing out on. And for all the new believers, help them to stay encouraged by going out in the harvest, as You have called them too. You know the spiritual gifts we are each called to and I pray that these young Christians and even older ones, will discover their own giftings. The harvest is ripe for the harvest, but I pray that more people will come forth and become Your workers. I love You, Jesus. You are my God and I worship You. Amen.

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