Today’s Prayer (01/19/2021)

Oh Lord, thank You for leading me to the truth. I would not be where I am today if You had not rescued me. I was on the pathway to destruction and hell and You knew it also. So You continued to pull at my heart strings, in order for me to realize my sins before You. In my convictions, I knew that I was so lost and needed a Savior. I didn’t know how I would ever get out of the mess of pornography or adultery, but You gave me a way out. And as I prayed and poured my heart out to You, there was no anger on Your part. You were not upset with me, but so happy that I was resisting the devil and coming to You instead. Even in the moment, my heart was humbled and I was heart-felt in my confessions, did Your arms come around me and warm my heart. Wow! You are such a loving and kind God. So patient, although everything I’ve done. Thank You for a second chance at life. It was because You came into my life that my whole life changed. In baptism, the fire of the Holy Spirit came over me. Then, all I wanted to do was tell everyone about You, Jesus. This is what I wish everybody would desire to do, but few people are born again in the Spirit. So I ask that more people turn to You also and also be filled. This I pray for a revival to happen in all the world. I love You, Lord. Amen.
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