Today’s Prayer (10/24/2020)

Oh Lord, even now we come to You, knowing that You can heal us like You did while You were with the people on earth. Not just for me do I pray, but for others who are suffering in this darkened world. At Your table, we bring unto You all our illnesses, small and great, and ask that You will relieve us of these sicknesses. Though we suffer now, we know that You have the power to cure us of the harshest chronic illnesses. I know that You do not wish to see us suffer but to bring us instant relief. Therefore, please come and heal my sicknesses of the throat and nose. And not just me, but my sister who is terribly sick and cannot find healing based on prescription drugs. She believes in You, and I know that You can heal her Lord. But not just her and me, but also another friend who can’t talk very well because of his sicknesses in his throat. Lord, many people are suffering because of the different coronavirus cases and we ask that You be their person of refuge in these difficult times. So many people in this world need You. Jesus, as well I do daily. Even every hour do I need You. You are the rock of my salvation. My fortress and my refuge in the storms. I have no need to fear, for You are there for me. One day I know that all the sicknesses and diseases will be no more. In death, You will come and wipe away all the tears from our eyes. There will be no more sorrow or death. What a wonderful place You are preparing for those who love You. I believe in You, Jesus. I love You. Amen.

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