Today’s Prayer (10/06/2020)

Thank You, Lord, for this beautiful trip to Utah. It was so amazing to go to Salt Lake City, Provo, and Ogden, these last five days. At these different Mormon Temple locations, many people heard the good news of the gospel and also accepted prayer. You also led many of them to rethink their beliefs and to go home to study the Bible more. Praise God. I just pray that many of these people who listened to Your gospel message will also surrender to You fully. So many of the Mormons we talked to were convicted by the Holy Spirit and now it is up to them to come out of their false beliefs and their sinful nature, while coming unto You instead. I love You, Lord, with all my heart, mind, and strength. Nothing I once knew means anything if it goes against Your perfect will. Thank You for conforming my fleshly desires into Your will. I may not be perfect, but You have placed me on Your righteous path and I am no longer on the pathway to hell. And because You set me free, I know that You are able to set the people free in Utah. Open up their eyes to see. And not only them but all the Mormons throughout the globe. Draw them all unto Yourself and begin to do a mighty work in their lives. It is my desire that they will start thinking clearly for themselves and no longer be led by what their false prophets and other people are telling them. Our belief system does not matter in the end, if it goes against You. So help every Mormon to realize this, even if their prophets have told them that certain beliefs are because of modern-day revelations. Nothing will ever go against Your Word and find favor in Your sight. I love You, Lord. May Your ways continue to be my ways. Amen.

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  1. Thanks and praying in agreement with you that the Mormon people you have touched with the Word of GOD and the good news of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus are saved and come to know them intimately; The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. Praying in the Word, Will, and Way of GOD, in the name of Jesus, and according to and starting with Romans 12:1-2, 8-28, John 3:16 and beyond.

    Ken E.


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