Today’s Prayer (09/12/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray for salvation for those among the homosexual community. I am not talking about people who will not repent and come to You, but those that are prime and ready to. I don’t believe that every person who is a homosexual is damned and will go to hell when they die, for there is still time to be set free while they have breath. Only if they continue in their lifestyle until the end, will their fate be sealed in the lake of fire. Lord, knowing this is an alarming fact and I wish to wake these people up from the clutches of hell and raise them up to know You, Jesus. I just need Your help. Move within me and others in the faith, that chains will be broken once and for all. If you are for us, we can reach these people even unto salvation. Lord, in the next hour I will be on the streets witnessing at a gay pride festival and need the Holy Spirit to be with me. Keep me from harm’s way, while keeping me tasked to preach and teach to every person who has an ear to hear You. I am coming into a fire that only You can tame. I know that many people will be upset with Your Words, but the fact of the matter is that there are lives at stake of going to hell and need saving. May these people come to realize the abominable state they are in and repent. I ask that people will pray with me for salvation. If there are dozens or even hundreds, praise God. May this message I share with them be not of me, but from the Holy Spirit. The Spirit can move mountains in us and also set people free from sin and shame. I love You, Jesus. You are worthy to be praised. Amen.
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