Today’s Prayer (09/08/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that You will spark an interest in everyone’s hearts who say they are in the faith to witness their faith with others. It is sad to go on the streets and to never see anyone else witnessing Your truths with others. Too many people are comfortable in what they have been taught and don’t mind worshipping You in church, but sharing their faith is another thing. Lord, I don’t understand this. All I want to do is tell others about You, Jesus, and nothing more. What is happening in sports, politics and the world does not compare to what people need to know about You and being saved. Truly, the best news about people coming to faith and being baptized is not recorded in the news outlets, but only things that they deem are good. How can the world shun You and what is happening in Your kingdom and think it is ok? This is so wrong and will only be fixed when more people desire to join me and others on the streets. We don’t need more protests, which cause riots, but good men, women, and youth to gain courage and become Your witnesses. I would love to reach everybody that passes by me on the streets, but I am only one person. Surely, the harvest is ripe, but the laborers are few. And I am afraid that people don’t care as much either. My heart breaks just saying that, for I cannot even imaging where their faith lies as well if that is where they stand. Lord, I know that when I am shut up in my house and don’t want to tell people about You, my faith was dead,. So I know that many people in this day have a dead faith also. Awaken them of their sleep. Save them, while there is still time. I love You, Jesus. I will go forth and be Your light in this darkened world. Amen.
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