Today’s Prayer (06/28/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray for every person that is currently sick, experiencing a death in the family, having lost a job, going through financial issues, divorce, and other horrific things. The trials of life can be so hard to bear, but only You can deliver peace to these people and myself. You know my circumstances. How I live a life of chronic congestion in the nose and throat, where some days it can be very difficult to bear. Lord, I know that what I go through is nothing compared to others. So I pray that along with my healing in my body, I pray for others as well. Give me and other people a sense of relief and peace that surpasses all understanding. Some of us are meant to endure in our trials, which involves sickness, but others are healed. So if you would hear my prayer, oh God, and send a miracle to people who are suffering now, that would be amazing. Give them relief in the trials they are facing. Even if it isn’t because of illness, help them find peace when it is nowhere in sight. And others who are continually sick and need a way out, I pray for healing from above. I know that medicine can only go so far to relieve some of the pain, but You can do everything the world is incapable of. Miracles are not found in drugs but in Your hands. I’ve scene Your healing touch while praying for people on the streets, and now I just ask that You will heal from afar off also. To people who are hundreds to thousands of miles away, and are sick in their homes, in hospitals, assisted living facilities, and others, please help them. Come into their rooms this day. By Your power, many of them will be healing, find comfort, and also peace for their souls. May they know that this release of their anxiety came from only from You and not this world? Then, will they seek You also, Jesus, and be saved before it is too late. I love You. Amen.
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