Today’s Prayer (06/14/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will have compassion in their hearts to help individuals who are lost and hurting. This world we live in is in dire straights, where darkness has filled the earth. Only by Your light beaming into people’s lives, can new life be restored unto them. Even by Your majestic power, can broken lives be restored in full. I believe in You, Lord. Your ways are higher. I just pray that more people would be willing to take a stand for You in these dark times that we live in. This means walking out our faith and not just saying that we believe. That all people that say they believe in You will go forth and be a light unto this lost generation. People need to know that as Christians, we are made different in Christ the Lord. Our lives are set apart for a greater purpose, and this is to know You and do Your will instead of the world. We can be guided, but only if You have us by the hand. We can make it through difficult times, but only if You are supplying our peace that we need each day. Storms will come and make life difficult for everyone, it just matters if You are there with us, so that things will be easier to bear. As for me, I trust in You. You are the rock of my salvation. To know You, Jesus, is all I desire. To live out what You have called me to is all that I desire to do and accomplish. May Your thoughts become my thoughts. May Your commands become even more sweeter to my taste, as life goes on. I love Your ways, but I pay that I will love them even more, as to serve You more diligently than I ever have in the past. Keep my life unspotted from the evils of this world, while giving me over to that is which is pure and holy. I love You, Lord. I give You praise and glory, this day and forever. Amen.

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