Today’s Prayer (04/21/2020)

Oh Lord, my heart is torn right now, because of the amount of bloodshed that is in the world we live in. So many people are so selfish in what they are doing. They don’t care that unborn babies are killed, as long as they are better off financially. This is so ridiculous. What this is God, is nothing different then what happened of old with people sacrificing their own children to Baalim or other gods. What was wicked then is even more wicked now. So I pray that people will wake up to their sins and begin to follow You. These things are very grievous in Your sight, and I pray that people will repent and to You today about it. I know that in their prayers, You will hear their confessions and have mercy even for them. In our tears do You come and deliver us from the bondage of sin we are under. I know this to be true God, for I was a vial sinner myself until I finally came to You in prayer. I needed to surrender all to You, and then forgiveness was found. Even Your blood was able to cover me and cleanse me of all my sins. So I pray that women, men, their friends, and parents that have been involved with abortions to repent. May they come to an understanding of the gravity of the situation and call upon Your Name today. This is no laughing matter, for a precious soul was now murdered. Even their blood is crying from the dust, because of what has happened. Even now, Lord, I can see the pain that this has caused to the unborn and to You also. Oh, the lost people of this generation. They truly have something coming to them, come judgment day. Only if Your blood has covered them, will they be found worthy, otherwise, these unwise people will be found unworthy and be cast into the lake of fire. I know that every unborn baby that is killed is now with You in heaven, but there must be justice made because of their behalf. People cannot just get away with such crimes of murder. Only You can wash away their sins. So I plead for people to not risk losing their salvation because of these sins, but get right with You today. I love You, God. I glorify in Your holy Name. Amen.
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