Today’s Prayer (04/14/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that more parents will start raising their children up to know You. Can’t they see the legacy they are leaving for their kids, when they don’t walk in Your ways? So often are people left without even knowing what is right and what is wrong, because Your counsel was left out of the equation. And so we have criminals on the streets, people who abuse their spouse, kids looking at pornography and into drugs. Even homosexual tendencies are brought in, thinking it is ok. Lord, these wicked and vial things are turning people’s hearts to do things that are very hurtful. Even the most abominable things in this world, being homosexuality, abortion, and pornography have no legal ramifications, making them seem right. So we have a generation who are raising their children up this way and even the news media swaying them to think in the same direction. This is so ridiculous, God, and needs to stop. I just wish that people of faith would rise up and start being a light unto the lost. May every person that believes in Your Name stand for righteousness and every good thing that You command. May our minds not be given over to the wicked ways of thinking, as we continue in prayer often and reading the Bible daily. Lord, we want to raise our children up right to know You. We wish millions of others in this world would also do the same. And if children were not raised up to know God, they can still become that bright light to their own kids, that they may do what You command and not the world. Lord, I know there are many people now that are standing up for Your cause and I am so grateful to have them in our family. What a great God You are. Your children are so amazing. I just pray that our lights never go dim, but that we keep seeking Your hand till the very end of our lives. I love You, God. Amen.

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