Today’s Prayer (01/30/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray for people that are currently living sexual sin and have not repented as of yet. Still they think that they are fine with You, since they say they believe, but really, they are deceiving themselves. What they are doing, Lord, is wasting their lives, while finding pleasure in sin, where they should be finding pleasure doing Your will. What we have are people that are asleep and have faith that is dead. They may not realize it, but You can see everything. Really, our lives are an open book to You, oh God. We can’t hide in the bathroom and look at porn and still think we are Ok in Your sight. This is so wrong. Therefore, wake people up to repentance. Help them understand the gravity of their situation before it is too late. I do not wish to see people that go to church be cast in the lake of fire, because of their sins that were never taken care of. So I ask that any sin that is in my life and others that say You are their Lord, will be removed once and for all. I don’t wish to have the Holy Spirit grieved any longer, and I pray that others will also feel the same way. So help us know what is wrong with our current lifestyle, that we may be rebuked, and run to You for forgiveness. Truly, we can’t live our lives on sinking sand and think that we are going to heaven when we die, but only if we build our lives upon the rock of Jesus. Then, can we find the straight and narrow gate, which leads to heaven. Lord, I am grateful for Your written instructions on how we ought to live a holy life, and I pray that You will continue to mold me and shape me into the person I ought to be. I also pray that many more people will be called Your sons and daughters, before their life is up. I love You, Lord. Amen.
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