Today’s Prayer (11/27/2019)

Oh Lord, I am so grateful for everything You have done for me, my family, my friends, and all those people that You have brought into my life over the years. Thank You also for hearing my prayers and for blessing and healing those people that were in need. Surely, the day that You came into my life, You have not left me, but have been there every day to lift up my burdens, that they may be light. I have not had to worry about my life getting to difficult, for there has always been peace and joy through Your presence. I may have been sick and had different things go south, but You have always been the person I needed to cry unto for mercy and healing. Thank You for leading me out of the darkness and for bringing me into Your light. Because You are near me, I don’t have to worry about addictions and bad habits creeping back into my life. This is because You have kept the enemy far from me, and for that I am very appreciative. My family has been doing so good over these past few years and You were the only one that could supply such happiness. Thank You so much for bringing good health to my wife and kids. I may be sick right now, but I know that You will heal me in Your own timing. I just pray that more people will think on You this day and forever. May they remember the good things You have done for them also. Thank You, Lord, for the cross. Because of Your payment for sins, I am forgiven. There is mercy because of your kindness and compassion. What a wonderful God you are. No one is like You. I love You, Lord. Amen.
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