Today’s Prayer (11/22/2019)

Oh Lord, I pray that more people will come unto You and find strength in Your presence. They may be weak now because of temptation, but all this has no match to Your protection that You will give them. Because You are our rock and our strong tower, we can do all things in Your great Name. Even mountains can be moved, because You are victorious in all things. Addiction has no match to Your power. All this bondage, because of sin, is cast out in Your mighty Name, Jesus. We are able to find rest for our souls, because You are able to win the battle of sin that is raging within us. The payment has already been made for sin on the cross, and we give You thanks. So we come to You now with all our cares and burdens at Your feet, Jesus. Hear our cries and have mercy for souls. We are sorry for our sins and confess that we need You, Lord. You are the only person that can save us from a life of sin, and who can tear all the filth from our lips and our hearts. We give it all to You, Lord. You know what is wrong with our lives and how it can be mended. So take us now and breathe new life into us. Give us a new heart, that we may walk in Your light and serve You, our Lord and our God, whom we love. Give us new desires, that we may not only love You, but our neighbors also. I pray that our intentions will be for those that are in need, and for every lost soul in this world. Give us boldness to pray with them, witness to them, feed them, clothe them, and to care for them as You care for us. I love You, Lord. I live this life to follow You, Jesus. Wherever this life takes me, You will be my light, for I believe in You. Amen.
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