Today’s Prayer (11/20/2019)

Oh Lord, I pray that our desires will be in line with Your own. Help our minds be focused on what comes from above, and not what the world offers. Only You can help us find the way to eternal life and happiness in this life. Otherwise, there are only man-made replacements that always bring sin and much guilt, which brings us sadness and grief. Surely, Lord, there is nothing that lasts in this life apart from Your love. I’ve tried all the many things the world says is good, but never found joy that lasts in those things. Sure, there was joy in the moment, but always shame in the end. Even my treasures were never good enough and I always needed something newer and better that could replace those things. What a mistake I made by following my own heart and not giving into Your will. To think of all the money wasted in those things brings tears to my eyes. I missed out on many blessings than and I am so sorry. Thank for you leading me now, that I might experience what blessings really are in life. You have my heart, God, and all I want to do is honor You and show Your love to everyone. Truly, it is my greatest desire to have You in my life. So continue to breathe upon me the Holy Spirit, that I might know the way. I don’t want anything to come between us. Thank You, Lord, for delivering me from all the bondage in my life. Only You could remove the idols that were before me and lead me to You. I trust in You, Lord. Doing Your will brings me the greatest joy of all. I love You more than anything else. Amen.
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